Welcome to the Royds Conservation Residents Association

The  Royds Conservation Residents Association was set up in July 2013 by a group of 12 local residents concerned about the inappropriate planning proposals being passed by the local planning department. It appeared to us that the local council and our elected representatives had chosen to ignore our conservation status in passing some of these planning applications. We therefore decided to set up a Residents Association to work with the local authority and other agencies to try to improve the profile and the services within the Royds.

The purpose of the Association is to uphold the unique Royds conservation status and to represent and promote the interests of all residents. Our aim is to work for improvements to the area in partnership with the local council and other agencies.

We intend to hold regular meetings with the members and to produce an occasional newsletter to keep the membership informed of issues affecting the Royds Conservation Area.

We can only do this with the support of the Royds residents so if you would like to join the Association please complete the contact form. There is a fee of £5 per annum per household to cover costs such as postage, printing and the hiring of meeting facilities.

Membership Fees

Please note, due to the current pandemic the Royds Residents Association will not be collecting any membership fees for 2020. The membership fees are only to cover the expenses, as there will be no AGM this year or halls to hire then there are very little expenses.

Potters Bar Local Plan

1 The best option for any housing in Potters Bar is the option set out in Hertsmere’s consultative document for a Garden Village type development between South Mimms and London Colney  whereby proper consideration can be made for a structured development including houses shops doctors and schools and proper infrastructure. 


2 If additional housing is required then the best location would be the golf course site close to the town centre, station  and local amenities.


3  The above stance then leaves the very important areas of green belt to remain as open countryside for residents to enjoy and prevent increasing the urban development of the London areas of Enfield and Barnet infringing into the Southern green belt parts of Potters Bar as in our view this area of green belt warrants higher rural value.