The Royds were built in the mid 1930’s by a local builder named Edward Hicks. Rumour has it that the plans for some of the properties were acquired from South Africa. Whether this is true we do not know, but the unique style of the properties lends itself to the South African colonial appearance.

The Royds conservation area was set up in 2000. The council contacted the residents of Elmroyd Avenue and Close, Oakroyd Avenue and Close and certain properties in Baker Street as it was considering designating this area as the first conservation area in Potters Bar.

The reason being that the houses and bungalows, built by Edward Hicks in these particular roads, had a unique 1930’s character with remarkable uniformity of style and detail. They were highly regarded as prime examples of estate building of the period. In addition, the importance of the residential gardens both front and back, the layout of the roads, paths and boundaries, private spaces and trees was also recognised.